The simplest way to share your passion for sports. We are enabling fans interact and engage better with the power of conversations and peer-to-peer actions.

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    Turn your popularity and engagement into tangible rewards
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    Turn your passion for sports into earnings on Ballgecko, through wagers and giftings.

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    Buy gecko coins in packs up to 10, 000 coins at a time.

    Global Payments

    With gecko coins you can exchange value with anyone, all over the world on Ballgecko.

    Gecko coins. The currency for sports fandom.

    We have created a currency to what it means to be a passionate sports fan. With gecko coins you can buy, wager, earn and share value with/from anyone, anywhere.
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    Get answers to common questions about Ballgecko

    Is Ballgecko creator friendly?

    Ballgecko is designed to bring fans closer, giving superfans and creators the ability to build a passionate audience.

    How will Ballgecko keep my information safe?

    Ballgecko is secure as we require password-protected accounts for all of our users. As long as you protect your password and adjust your privacy settings, your account should remain secure.

    What sports does Ballgecko support?

    Ballgecko would support only football at launch, with plans to include other sports progressively

    Can I use my local currency in Ballgecko?

    All Ballgecko users transact and share financial value via gecko coins. The exchange rate would be the same, however, the exchange amount varies per currency, and you can transact and withdraw in any local currency at set exchange rates.